The Walking Dead No Man's Land App Reviews

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Great app

Good game play and close to the tv show


Moi , fan de the wallking dead. Je suis content de se jeu !


Très bon jeu


Très bon jeu!!!!!

Muito bom

Adorei o jogo é o melhor jogo de the walking para celular


Bom, mas fecha td hora

Bugs, bugs, bugs

The current version crashes during PvP missions on iPad Air and iPhone6 using the newest iOS. Very annoying, as one looses these missions as a consequence. Phones found in gold rewards bought with trategoods are not added to the stock - Also very annoying.

Action :-)

Ein Super Spiel, wer The walking Dead mag der ist hier richtig!

Some good, but too much bad

Still crashing. Even with recent "balancing" updates, it still takes too long to build up supplies when your survivors are above level 10 (my 22 are all level 12/13) - the XP balancing boost was nice, though. I quite like being able to upgrade survivors rarities with the tokens, but having to upgrade all of the traits first does not work - it makes it take too damn long unless youre willing to shell out a ton of $$$ (which just isnt worth it). Having to collect 120 tokens to advance each hunter to 5 stars is one thing, but having to collect another 480 each to upgrade all of their traits first is just stupid - especially with how rare phone rewards are. Gameplay is quite repetitive and getting boring. Finally getting to play show characters is nice, but having to collect 500 tokens for Michonne and 250 ea for Rick and Carol is absolutely ridiculous!!! All in all, this game is going downhill and NextGames is starting to come off as being as greedy as Rovio with trying to force in-app purchases and charging waaayyyy too much for them!!!

The Walking Dead

So far so good!

Walking dead

An awesome game, totally addicted.

Good game

Very good game for phone device

Great game, very addictive.

Ref. Title


Ive gone pretty far in this game and I must say the game is designed well. However the huge downside and the reason Im done playing, is the amount of money you need to spend to achieve certain levels. The whole concept of upgrading council to upgrade other things absolutely a money a grab and a inexplicable time waste. Its another way of saying if you dont spend actual money you will be stagnant for a long time. Im disappointed in what the game has become.


Awesome game.. Cant get enough of it.. Wish the hero players would come back though ☺️

Freemium, but a pretty good balance

I often roll my eyes at freemium games that seek only to milk your credit card dry. At least this one strikes a pretty good balance between play and prostitution (pay-for-pleasure). Plus I got Daryl as a hero team member early on, so that felt good.

Great so far

Its great, I like the strategy element, but its frustrating how long it takes to upgrade your camp because the prices are so high and the income of materials is so small

Nice game

Awesome game! Really addictive

Awww yeah! Zombies and stuff!

Well developed game. Great playability and not too much pressure for in game purchases.

Missed phones after I paid 3000

It sucks that this occurred because so hard to get

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